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Re: Wow, Farscape was awesome!

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Reading though this thread people point out how fantastic the romantic relationship between John and Aeryn was... I don't see it.
I wasn't the biggest fan.

No, really.

I liked the characters particularly Crichton but the theatrics of the relationship did wear thin on me at times. Fan favourite episodes like "The Locket" aren't really my preferred ones.

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There was no transition from one to the other. One minue Crais is insane with anger at Crichton, snapping the necks of his Officers, then as soon as he's found out by Scorpius he becomes a reasonable, charitable animal lover.
That does come out of left field, yeah, and is not transitioned at all smoothly. He's not as nice as you say, though, albeit it's easy to claim that in retrospect after his big heroic sacrifice. He's more of an untrustworthy ally who has the Moyans along basically for his self-interest. Which is why he neglects to tell them about the little incidental fact Zalaks Sun is after him in season three, because like hell would they feel sorry for him then.

For a very long time, too long, the first two seasons I think, the characters all went from being friends one episode, to selling each other out and abandoning each other in the next episode.
This I'd disagree with. In the first season they're people basically thrown together by circumstance, and who are willing to help each other - up to a point. And that point is whenever it obviously conflicts with their own interests. They lose nothing in trying to save each other, but if a route home is on the line all bets are off. The only one willing to sell them off any time, every time is Rygel.

Eventually the experiences make them a bit into more of a dysfunctional family and less a band of people at each others throats, though Rygel and Chiana tend to provide the antagonism and Stark's handy whenever the plot calls for someone to do something really, really insane.

And families are a little like that. You screw each other over but you're smiles the next minute, so to speak, so long as it's none too serious (and it rarely is, Rygel's odd more insane ideas excluded). It's best summed up in an episode, I forget which, where the crew split off into two groups because they feel they can't trust each other, and then proceed to outline exactly the same plan, even predicting some of their own reactions.

I'm not talking about Rigel because he did that up the very end, its mostly D'Argo and Zhaan.
Zhaan's character arc sort of dropped the ball. She lost her faith then she got it back then she was in some sort of trance, she was all over the place early season two until they thankfully shelved the whole affair.
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