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Re: Wow, Farscape was awesome!

Having never seen the show but hearing a lot of good things about it I bought the complete series on DVD at Costco for $60 or $70 a couple of weeks ago. Earlier tonight I finished Bad Timing. Now I just have to get my hands on Peacekeeper Wars.

I enjoyed the show, but honestly, I don't think its all that great. I wouldn't put it on the same level as B5, DS9 or Firefly. It may be that I had very high expectations because peope always compare it to those shows and list it amongst their favorites, but I honestly don't see it.

Its fun and it has some good stories and characters, but it also has a lot of annoying characters and stories. On numerous occasions I found myself yelling at the TV to STFU because one thing or another on the show was making some horrid noise (and because I didn't feel like reaching for the remote). There are numerous plot points that don't make sense or don't stay consistent.

Reading though this thread people point out how fantastic the romantic relationship between John and Aeryn was... I don't see it. The sets being fantastic... again nothing.

Maybe its just me, I liked the show and all, but I won't be getting the same mileage out of these DVDs as I have out of TNG, DS9, B5, Firefly, SG1.

P.S. I really enjoyed the opening musing in S1 and 2, very much less in 3 and 4.
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