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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

This was an interesting chapter. Have we seen Prin's POV yet in this series? For some reason I'm thinking this is the first time I've seen things "through her eyes," so to speak. Fascinating. And what's the deal with her and Robau? Nostalgia? What kind of nostalgia? Perhaps Prin likes her men alien (to her) and badass?

I wonder how much Barani knows about what's going on. My guess is not much, because she might not be so inappropriately angry with her superiors if she knew her boyfriend had a psycho killer inside trying his best to get out. Then again, since nothing is ever as it seems on this ship, maybe she knows exactly what's going on and locking Dax up messes with some elaborate plan of hers. (As you can see, I don't trust anybody on Redemption. Except Kalara. Which means if she turns out to be some kind of bad guy, I will be really mad! )

And now, Bay is losing it. You know, that's exactly what this crew needs right now -- their captain having a meltdown. Oh, wait, no, they don't. If Prin fails to "handle Ba'el bloody Sarine" (that made me laugh), I suggest she go get Kane. He can inform Bay with the bluntness that only the Borg can pull off that he's being a crappy captain. As Seven once said to Harry --
SEVEN: I've discovered a serious flaw in one of the ship's systems.
KIM: Which one?
SEVEN: The Captain.
In all seriousness, I know he's under an insane amount of stress and questioning everything since discovering his lost days, but now is just not the time to go hide in the ready room! I really hope Prin can help him. Come on, Bay! Pull it together!

Oh, and one last thing -- I loved your description of the slipstream drive and the slipstream itself. Very cool, indeed.

Good stuff, Joel!
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