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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x11-Getting Closer Review,Commentary,Grade,SPOILERS

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I know its a moot point but has anyone seen what the ratings have been on the last few episodes(going back to the Dec double headers)?

Maybe I missed the threads in General TV but curious all the same.
2x05 The Public Eye: 2.15 Million viewers
2x06 The Left Hand: 1.99 Million viewers
2x07 Meet Jane Doe: 2.71 Million Viewers
2x08 A Love Supreme: 2.13 Million Viewers
2x09 Stop-Loss: 2.10 Million Viewers
2x10 The Attic: 2.10 Million Viewers
2x11 Getting Closer: 2.38 Million viewers

Looking back, the second episodes of the two episode runs seemed to suffer, likely people did not know (especially with "The Left Hand") of the two for one deal (I only knew for instance, because I am an editor/frequent visitor to the wiki)
Thanks for posting that. Glad to see that at the least the fan base didn't jump ship with the cancellation and one could interpret that some came back on board to finish the show out.

As a reminder this Friday is going to be a cross network Haitian fund raiser(unless that changes for some reason).

Epitaph Two should air January 22.
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