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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Starship Troopers - C+
District 9 - A
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - B+

I had first seen Starship Troopers when it first came out, and at the time I was largely unaware of the concept of satire. As such that aspect of it flew right over my head. I watched it again recently, and it's true, it is a pretty good satire- most of the time. Other times it seems as though the ridiculous characters want us to take them seriously. The propoganda films are the best part of the movie. C+

District 9 was great. I didn't expect this kind of movie. It's really an adventure film with some political underpinnings, I was more expecting a direct allegory. Anyway, this is better than what I thought I was going to get. It's a lot of fun hating the main character and then growing to sympathize with him by the end. A

I continue to like the Harry Potter films. Maybe I should give the books another chance. B+
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