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Re: He's A Spider-Man!?

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No, he met MJ when he was at ESU. After he met Gwen and Harry.

Stan stated his intention was to marry Peter and Gwen, but she got killed instead because someone at management was uncomfortable with the idea.

Frankly, Gwen's death was when Marvel lost their balls. In a two-parter they killed off his love interest AND his archenemy. They shouldn't have stopped there, they should have continued with genre defying stories like that by never bringin Norman back and continuing to make huge changes to the series, changes that couldn't be undone just like that.
And how old are you in college? Usually between seventeen and twenty one. Half your time there is spent as a teenager

I thought Stan was "management" at that time. Wasn't he EIC or Publisher when that story was published? I've heard many versions about the behind scenes of "The Death of Gwen Stacy" but I cant say it being an alternative to marriage is one of them.

ETA: Though in reading an article on wiki I see it did factor. They saw the Gwen/Peter relationship as having to end in marriage or a breakup. FOr some reason they saw the break up as being "unrealistic" and marriage as being not compatable with the character of Spider-man.(it would age him ) So they came up with option three: killer her! This was from the writer, editor and artist, not "management". They though it enforced the tragic elements Spider-Man's life.

In retrospect they were short sighted. Peter and Gwen could have remained unmarried for ever. Or they could have broken up. Not too hard to create a reason. Funny that the folks in charge opted for marriage in the similar case of Peter and MJ.

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