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Re: eBook Formats and Readers ?'s

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The iPhone/iPod Touch have not changed anything. The Macbook air changed nothing. Apple products are nice to look at, but game changing? nope.
LOL. Apple don't revolutionise but they do take what exists and evolve it. The app store has forced a lot of other phone companies to build their own. Then there's the iPod. I hear people say "I want an iPod" not an "MP3 player". Apple products outsell their competitors products not by being cutting edge but by being usable for the masses.

Would I like a radio in my iPhone? Yes. A more open way to customise it? Yes. But I trade that because it's so much better than the Winmo crap I used for years that crashed and was unintuitive to use.

The Macbook Air however is a big pile of pants.
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