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Re: He's A Spider-Man!?

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Thats part of the problem. Peter shouldn't have a long running love interest.

Sue and MJ aren't equivalent. At best, MJ is Alicia.
I'd say he should. His own creator wanted him to get married and grow up. They didn't introduce MJ at first because her appearance was a running joke until they DID meet.

Seriously, this whole "Sue works because she was there from the start" thing doesn't hold water. Spidey's the story of Peter's life, meaning there's nothing wrong with him meeting the love of life when he's NOT a teenager.
Sue is a main character in the FF, not a supporting character. One the four in the Fantastic Four. The running joke started after the the book began. I don't think Stan or Steve were holding back till the right time. These books were written without much forthought in the beginning. I think he did meet MJ when they were Teenagers.
No idea what Stan's thoughts on marriage and aging Peter are. He left the book 1971 when Parker was in college and his aging had slowed to a crawl. Though I think he has stated his intention was that Gwen Stacy was the love of Peter's life.
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