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Re: Embers of the Fire - ST: Gibraltar

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The other thing is that the author is generous in the time he spends reading and commenting on the efforts of those somewhat less talented, so for that, extra kudos!
Isn't that the truth? Yay, Gibraltar!

I loved this story when I read it on Ad Astra, and it definitely hooked me right into reading the others. Gibraltar's only gotten better with time, but this story was pro-quality, too. The nice (or horrible, depending on how you look at it) thing about Gibraltar's universe is that .... how do I put this? Um, very little is sacred? Events are free to happen as they happen, and his characters are allowed to experience the full consequences of the choices they make. The "holodeck safeties" are off, so to speak. You truly don't know how things will end up until the last word!
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