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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Up in the Air

I'm reminded of a moment in Thank You For Smoking when a depressed Aaron Eckhart, on an airplane, looks up and sees a 'No Smoking' sign. This apparently wasn't in the novel and was one of the first ideas for scenes Jason Reitman had making the film; given the length of time and meticulous detail he gives to flying here I'm beginning to see why.

As a film it's charming if a little lightweight; the meaninglessness of life is touched on in a matter similar to the contemporary Coen Brothers film A Serious Man, but truth be told I liked that a lot better (it's more intricately woven, for one thing). It also lacks the sharp satirical bite that Smoking had, for a film that has a character who's also preforming a job that could be seen as despicable it's more interested in his personal problems to the point the job is little more than a framing device, which is a shame.

Not to sound too negative as it's a good movie with strong performances (even if the supporting cast is a list of 'hey, it's that guy!' including the doofus from Hangover in a bit part) and sharp writing; it's definitely a good film overall.
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