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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

'10 is already better than any previous year this century for me, just based on A SINGLE MAN, which was just phenomenally good. And on DVD, I finally got to see Tarkovsky's STALKER last week, which I still can't get out of my head.

I can't even articulate how moved and impressed I was with the latter, but SINGLE MAN I can say just did it all very very well -- performances, drama to humor ratio, visual stylization ... this goes to show that if somebody wants to do a theatrical release personal film, they have to pay for it themselves. But man was it worth it. And the Ozymandias guy from WATCHMAN (a movie I love despite thinking he was miscast) is amazing in this film.

Finally saw Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND again after a 30 yr gap, and kept falling asleep on it. Just doesn't measure up to SHADOW OF A DOUBT and NOTORIOUS, or even to lesser Hitch in my opinion, though the Dali stuff was nice.
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