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Re: Embers of the Fire - ST: Gibraltar

I'm so glad you're posting this here Gibraltar! I keep meaning to get over to Ad Astra to catch up with it and simply run out of time!

Now it's here though I have no excuse!

As I've said before (and echoing the LoneRedShirt's comments) I found this a wonderful read that to my mind certainly rose way above fanfic status due to the professional way in which it's written.

The characters, plot line and overall feel are so believable and (perhaps more importantly) so 'Trek' that its sometimes difficult to believe that its not a POCKET product!

(BTW that IS meant as a compliment Sam! )

The other thing is that the author is generous in the time he spends reading and commenting on the efforts of those somewhat less talented, so for that, extra kudos!

Well done mate, and keep posting here please?
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