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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Without going back and counting quarters, I'd say somewhere around half that number, or even 1/3 - at least according to the deck plans I've based this one on. Some careful adjustments to quarters designs (reduce the size of the individual quarters, increase the actual numbers) and you might get back up to 50-60% of the stated crew compliment. The problem comes, when you do a personnel load-out for her, she NEEDS somewhere i.v.o. 430 - just to function (assumes 3 full shifts, either 18 or 24 hour days, with just a handful of designated Primary Staff functions not shift oriented - e.g. CO, CMO, Chief Engineer etc.), and even then she's kinda thinly staffed for some of the functions she needs to perform. The only way for a ship to properly match this mission profile *without* going to a modern Attack Sub style quartering system is to make her substantially larger - Excelsior essentially. I can see taking the mission profile the Enterprise is seen as doing, and building a ship explicitly to perform such, and it winding up being the Excelsior class.
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