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Re: Dune newbie questions

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Q: I've read all the original books multiple times, and read a couple of the prequels (Butlerian Jihad). Do you think the new Paul of Dune and Winds of Dune should come before or after the House series? I'm much more interested in the original characters..
I am too and that's why I picked these up. Paul of Dune deals with Paul's reign up until he dies AND switches back and forth between Paul when he was a kid. He is telling stories to Irulan for his propaganda.

Winds of Dune takes place after Paul's death and the women trying to hold together AND has another young Paul subplot.

They have several characters introduced in the House series, but they can be read alone. Also, the House trilogy does feature many of the original characters: Leto, Jessica, Gurney, Shaddam, etc.
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