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Re: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like "Avatar"?

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I have not oppressed...
You most likely have far more than you think, intentional or not, just by virtue of being a white male.
No, he hasn't. Most of us haven't. You make conscious decisions to discriminate and if he gives his word that he hasn't made such a decision then I, for one, believe him. You choose not to give a black man a job based on his colour, you choose to give an unfit mother custody of the kids, you choose not to let a gay man donate blood - these are choices you make. If you choose to do the right thing then you did not discriminate.

Thinking like this does absolutely nothing to help anyone.
You're right. I apologize. He hasn't oppressed anyone. What I meant to say, and I said it poorly, is that he has probably benefitted from someone else's oppression by virtue of being a white male.
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