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Re: Wow, Farscape was awesome!

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Silly thing I want to mention- I think the opening crawl for this show is the best of any sci-fi show that I can think of. "Can anyone hear me?" "I got sucked through a WORMHOLE" "A ship, a LIVING ship". It just seems to get better the more times I see it.
It changes come season three. I prefer the one in the first two seasons, personally.

Also, the sets on this show are absolutely mind-blowing. Where did they get the money for this stuff? I'm going to have to research that point after I'm done with the series.
IIRC the show cost around half the budget of a Star Trek series, and was helped by the fact the Jim Henson company were fine with even losing money on the project, as it was a good opportunity for them to flex their puppeteering skills.
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