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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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I like how you're presenting this build.

The one aft view with the shuttle deck door open- we can see the nacelle struts. Is that forward of the shuttle deck bulkhead and the bulkhead hasn't been added yet, or did they protrude into the shuttle shuttle deck?

It is hard to see some of the more detailed images, like the decks under the bridge section...
Ok, if you look at the FJ plans, the bulkheads for the pylons are relatively small and confined.
They start, actually, aft of the shuttlebay rear wall. You can see this partially on sheet 5 on the cutaway view. The first of the two bulkheads starts just aft of the inner observation deck section. I had trimmed the pylon cores once; but, made mods to the core itself and simply haven't retrimmed them back to deck 16 yet.

The other decks should all be detailed on the 3dbuzz thread; but, if you wish to see some better or closer views, just let me know. I'd considered duping all my posts to buzz over here if there is enough interest in that. It'd be a lot of work; but, if enough of you are interested, I'll consider it. Might also take some assistance of the mods in deciding how specifically to go about that with the least of grief for all.

For now, here's the latest build update.. duping from buzz again:

Ok, excitement contained.. maybe.

What happens when you build to plans closely?
Simple, when you align to center on plan your decks line up.
And that's what I got. I was worried that more major tweaking to the Bridge would be needed; but, once imported, I set the pivot, rotated it 36 degrees then placed it on center and bing! We have a winner!!!

The turbolift needed some tweaking for alignment; but, other than that, just one minor fix to a wall that spun out of place.

What does that mean? Well, the rough translation is, finish putting the outer walls in place, create an outer skin shroud for the lift and we're pretty much good.

(happy dance)

So, as I was hoping, the rough-in of the Bridge will in all likelyhood be done Today. More to come.
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