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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Thanks to you all for your enthusiastic reception of this latest chapter. Glad you liked it!


Yes, Vidius is a clone of Anakin. How he came about will be explained as we go. So now, you didn't miss anything, promise!

I really wanted to show Luke's descent beginning - I have to admit that I wanted to twist somewhat the descent into the dark side somewhat from what we're used to and what LucasArts allow us to see. After all, Lust is a dark emotion and I would imagine the Sith using it to their advantage whenever possible.

Yes, the Death Star is here as well. Considering where my POD is (Palpatine's battle with Mace Windu) and what we had seen in Episode II, it had to be around somewhere!


I hope you mean the situation is bad and not the writing!

Glad this was worth the wait, I hope it will be less time until the next update!

Yes, this is Anakin's clone. As I said to Nerys ^^ we'll leave the explanation of where he came from for a future chapter.


Yes, Palps always seems to have a rabbit in the hand, doesn't he? Then again, that is what makes him such a good villain!

I won't comment on the Luke vs. Darth Vader comment simply because it is likely to give away certain elements of the story to come.

And you get Mara's ambivalence perfectly!

The Badger

Are you therefore claiming to be Palpatine?

Wow, comparing my revelation of Vidious to the definitive moment in ESB? I'm flattered! Glad you enjoyed the dialogue and writing. And yes, I have to admit, I saw her in a catsuit as well!

Thanks for the seal!


Wow! What can I say except thanks. Huge, amazing, totally undeserved praise. But I'll take it!

Admiral Young

Glad you picked up on the two nn's - yes a definite wink to the clone, ie Jorus and Joruus.

Hopefully more coming at the end of the week.

Chaos Descending

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this. As i said above, more coming soon (I hope).
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