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Re: Dune newbie questions

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I just picked Dune a couple days ago, and I have a couple questions before I read it.
1) Which adaptation is better? I'm talking both general quality, and closeness to the book. A few years ago I tried to watch both of them, and I really liked the miniseries, but I didn't make it very far in the movie. I don't think they'd even gotten to Arrakis yet before I turned off the movie.
2) If I decide to continue the series what is the best order to read the sequels/prequels/interquels, midquels or whatever you want to call the new series?
My two cents:

1. I think the Sci-Fi adaptations are better mainly because they have more time to explore the content of the novels in a way the Lunch doesn't. However, I think the Lynch film still looks visually better. I just remember how the casting for the Lynch film really fit the characters in the book. However, the 2 hour version of the Lynch film is really truncated and Dune is something that just doesn't fit in a 2 hour movie. The Dune miniseries was better than the Children of Dune miniseries, however I preferred the casting changes for Duncan, Jessica, and Stilgar for CoD. I also liked an expanded Wensica Corrino role for Susan Sarandon.

2. Best order to read the books. You could do the chronological thing, but I recommend checking out Frank Herbert's Dune first. If you don't like that, what's the point of continuing on IMO.

Book order is really tough. I tried to sort of group the stories around similar time periods because the saga spans centuries. Full disclosure, I've only read the four of the original novels and the three House books. I tried to read the Butlerian Jihad but couldn't get into it, same with Heretics of Dune. I did enjoy the House series, was enjoying Paul of Dune but I haven't finished it. The first three Dune novels were my favorite. It took me forever to read God Emperor of Dune, and Heretics didn't do anything for me. I just think I like the Paul Atreides era stories, from both Herberts. I don't think the Brian Herbert stories are as good or as deep as the Frank Herbert stories, but I think they are easier to read.

Recommended reading order:
1. Dune
2. Dune Messiah
3. Children of Dune
4. House Atreides
5. House Harkonnen
6. House Corrino
7. Paul of Dune
8. Winds of Dune
9. God Emperor of Dune
10. Butlerian Jihad
11. The Machine Crusade
12. The Battle of Corrin
13. Heretics of Dune
14. Chapterhouse Dune
15. Hunters of Dune
16. Sandworms of Dune
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