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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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Insurrection nicely set up a series that could have revolved around an internal rift within the Federation. Rather than looking for a new enemy for them to face, they could have had a civil war or sorts.
Gene Roddenberry already came up with the idea of a Federation civil war and its aftermath. That series was called Andromeda...
Well, sort of in very general terms.

You could take Andromeda and re-shape it as a Star Trek sequel, but it would take a bit of tweaking to do so. But, I do not believe Roddenberry ever intended the concepts/ideas that became Andromeda to be any part of Trek.
He didn't. But its close enough that the premise of a Trek series about a Federation civil war would never be given a chance on TV...

I really DO have a squirrelly wrath, you know...
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