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Re: Wow, Farscape was awesome!

I enjoyed this show quite a bit as well - watched it all on DVD a couple of years ago. I like the tacit acknowledgement from the creators that they knew they had a small cult audience, and weren't ever going to achieve mainstream success with the show, so they never even bothered to try - they wrote it specifically for the niche audience. It was more filled with inside jokes, arcane references to distant episodes and deep, lengthy story arcs than pretty much anything else at the time that I'm aware of. People who complain about "Lost" being complicated wouldn't last 10 minutes into any given "Farscape" episode ...

I also loved the Muppet Aliens. Yes, I know the show a certain amount of grief from critics because of the Muppet characters, but Henson's crew did a better job of creating real alien-seeming aliens with those Muppets than the vast majority of far-more-expensive attempts with CGI and special effects in other productions.
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