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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

A great chapter.

First of all I totally agree with Ba'el. Benjamani is one cold, hard bitch to bring up Bajor during the dinner, especially if she really got Rhodes on purpose for this mission. That's messing with two people's lives and their pain just to get your point across. Low. Very low.

And then there are those mysteriously lost days. That's just awesome. Interesting that this only comes up now, I suppose Ba'el and Pryn had other things to worry about back in the day but two lost days is huge. Anything could have happened in that time.

Dax presents an interesting problem for Ba'el and right now I cannot fault him for his reaction to this revelation. Obviously he's got enough on his plate to having to worry about his second officer accidently blowing the ship. Relieving him off duty is the right call, even though we all know his story won't end there. Dax will have an interesting role to play in this tale and I'm curious to find out which one.

Really good stuff.
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