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Re: provider for new Trek series as original series download

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In fact, anything that's a brand or franchise in general is, by definition, a property that can send it's fan base anywhere, and that can be capitalized on in numerous formats,
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Trek can be anything from a big summer blockbuster, to a cgi webisode series
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It [Trek] won't be considered some untouchable gold standard property...
perhaps TOS & TNG but after those two I think anything is fair game.
TOS has been preserved even with the old visual effects in HD for many decades to come.

Yug some interesting thoughts. We have discussed in What channel should a new Trek TV series be on? that the Trek brand would not create direct-to-DVD projects and why the quality of brand that it is won't allow a premium cable channel like HBO or even CBS-owned Showtime to go near it for a new TV series.
When it comes to canon and that is TV or feature films CBS/Paramount chooses cautiously.
Videogames may have little interstitial videos but those are not canon, even with the same actors playing TOS, TNG, & VOY roles.
The closest I can see a webisode series coming is a Trek CGI animated series.
Who knows how desperate CBS will get when the next 2 or 3 Trek features come out of Paramount?
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