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Re: provider for new Trek series as original series download

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I don't think Paramount or CBS are going to countenance that approach for a premium brand like Star Trek,
I hate to be the realist here, but Star Trek is not a "premium brand". In fact, anything that's a brand or franchise in general is, by definition, a property that can send it's fan base anywhere, and that can be capitalized on in numerous formats, toys and other merch included.

To us Trekkers, sure, it's great to see Trek treated with respect lately, they made a big budget reboot, honored it’s roots, and it did well. It's currently the jewel in Trek's crown… To sci-fi fans in general, it's in the top 5, probably #2 to Star Wars… BUT, to the average movie seeing, movie going, televison-o-phile, gamer, renter, downloader, casual observer, popcorn munching, Mr. and Mrs. bargain bin consumer... it's still just nerd wank.

That's fine, nerd wank sells. But, the new Trek film was only really part of the recent "novelty property parade" trend that included Transformers, GI Joe, Speed Racer, Terminator, Astro Boy, on and on… Even The A-Team is coming back as a big budget release. All re-appropriated stunt projects to bring in the built-in audiences... and their kids.

It won't be considered some untouchable gold standard property, because Paramount WILL boldly go where the money is. Even if it means numerous "exclusive packaging" versions of the same DVD that the market can bear. If it's potentially profitable, Trek can be anything from a big summer blockbuster, to a cgi webisode series, to a cell phone wallpaper app... and everything in-between. That's the beauty of nerd wank; we'll lap it up gladly. And THAT is what the entertainment industry counts on.

Trek is great, but it hasn't been elevated to any higher standard then it's survived as up to now... and why should it be?
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