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^ The word about them being put on hold only came out this morning, and I think everyone else got caught flat-footed by the news. I'd imagine it takes a little time to get the machinery moving to update the Amazon listing. If it shows no change by tomorrow or the next day, I'll be more surprised than I am by the lack of change today.

Besides, even an active listing for pre-order does not constitute a guarantee that you'll be able to have the item in your hands on the date specified; until it's actually released, all details are subject to change or cancellation -- that's always been the nature of the (pre-ordered) beast, and you don't get charged until it ships, anyway.
Thanks for the information, I was just curious thats all. I have pre-order stuff from there before and have gotten the item about 5 days after the release date. I mean you can do the one-day shipping, which means you either get the item the day after the release or what ever. But that shipping cost too much, so I usuely do the standard shpping because it cost less, but that means it can be between 5-10 days before you get it.But I have so far always got the item I pre-ordered.Anyways,on you pick an item save to your cart to buy later if you want. Well when I found out about the books, I decied to save those books to pre-order later. I havent' payed for them yet which now is good thing, since they are on hold. But if still have those books there later, even though I'm tempted to buy them, I might just wait. Right now it might be best wait to see if there is any change on like pre-order/or cancelation on books on that site. I would hate to pre-order them and pay for them to turn around and those books be canceled. So it would be best to keep an eye out on that site from now until the orginal release date of the books, to see if there is any canelation or not before I make a desion to buy. I will still like to buy those books if they come out, I havent changed my mind about that.
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