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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

May I say, Nerys, that you have a talent for injecting long-term, resounding drama in your writing. I must say, while I tend to make concious efforts to make my tales as "literary" as possible, still, even at my best I could not top this, as far as such a "literary" tone is concerned.

(That, of course, is because whenever I write an "emotional" passage, I tend to write as if Less Is More--and it's hard to make it go long. My mind-meld sequence in "A Rendezvous With Destiny" is the closest I've ever gotten to something like this...)

Now...I have a slight problem--the implication that Humanity could not have overthrown their captors so effectively had they not been "adapted" to be more like Cardassians. While I could usually accept it--after all, humans as humans could have used different methods, yet still have been victorious--still, the fact that it was a Cardassian that actually started the rebellion....

I dunno. Maybe I'm whining too much on a "racial" note. As a whole, though, I loved it. My compliments.
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