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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x12-Hollow Men Grading, Discussion, SPOILERS

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My impression of Boyd isn't that he's the type of villain with the carefully laid-out, account-for-all-contingencies plan; rather, that he's the type of person who has great confidence in his ability to improvise and adapt situations to meet his eventual ends, very good at reading and manipulating people. So how was all this supposed to yield the desired result? Only in broad strokes, I'd say; if something went in a direction he didn't want--and for all we know, it did--he would just push the new paradigm back towards his end-game. He fostered Echo's rebelliousness because it emerged in tandem with her ability to break free of her programming, which was what he was testing for; take measures to stop for former, you would easily stop the latter. Although I was surprised by one thing (apart from his odd desire for family), which was that Alpha didn't come into it. Since we've still got one episode, I'll spoiler the speculations just in case...

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
IN response to your spoiler...

Mal: I aim to misbehave
Whiskey: I know where to find food. In the kitchen.
Bennett: D-did you just...try to tase me?
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