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Re: Dune newbie questions

JD wrote: View Post
I started the book last night. I only got a few pages into it though.
Sorry to keep asking all these questions, but I promise these will be the last two. I was just wondering which book(s) is/are your favorite(s), and who your favorite character(s) is/are.
Favourite book: well the first one, obviously. Favourite character: Miles Teg (from Heretics & Chapterhouse.) He rocks. Though Count Fenring and Irulan come a very close second and third, respectively.

Harvey wrote: View Post
To be fair, he doesn't play a large role in the first book, does he? He has more than two scenes, but he's killed off early in the middle section, isn't he?
I'd say his role is about on par with the likes of Gurney, Leto, Thufir and Liet. Number of scenes aside, his absence is defiantly felt and he's talked about several times throughout the book.
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