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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x12-Hollow Men Grading, Discussion, SPOILERS

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The death of Mellie was all but predictable.
That means it wasn't predictable. The opposite of what you meant, I'm guessing.
Chalk that up to posting at midnight.
No biggie, I had it figured out to, mostly just before it happened but I did have it figured out. I think I am starting to get Joss a little to much, because right before the reveal...I figured out Boyd as well. And Bennett's death.


random, awkward question semi related to this show, what does it generally mean when someone says "A few years ago" is there a general meaning?
Mal: I aim to misbehave
Whiskey: I know where to find food. In the kitchen.
Bennett: D-did you just...try to tase me?
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