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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x12-Hollow Men Grading, Discussion, SPOILERS

I think Boyd's story was that, after he developed the theory, he decided to develop the technology before anyone else could, with the intention of finding countermeasures to it as well. So he was effectively having an internal arms race. Of course, it also meant that he was creating the exact sort of corrupting infrastructure he'd wanted to head off in order to learn how to head it off. And it probably didn't help that the only thing he found out was one random girl's freaky bone marrow that couldn't be mass-produced. Between having to rationalize all the lousy things he was doing to for the pro-wipe half of the race (Pimps and killers, but in a philanthropic way), and having to deal with the fact that despite all of that, he couldn't even stop it, and would have to settle for saving a handful of people, it probably unhinged him greatly. I'd expect he was relatively sane back in University, just somewhat paranoid.
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