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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x12-Hollow Men Grading, Discussion, SPOILERS

A bit disappointing episode. As a normal episode it would have been an entertaining hour, but as the wrap-up of the "present day" Dollhouse story it left me with a bad taste. Boyd's motivations turned out to make no sense. So first he actively pursues the wiping technology and then, once he has succeeded in developing it, he uses the "it's out there now, we better use it before others will" excuse? That's just lame. And turning Echo into an anti-Rossum rebel was the best way of triggering her fancy schmancy spinal fluid mojo? Really?

Why did Boyd free Paul and Mellie from prison? Keeping `his family' around didn't make too much sense to begin with (he kept them at gun point all the time; why not keep them in prison, at least until he was done extracting spinal fluid from Echo?), but keeping `the relative he could do without' running around the building until he screwed up the cooling system and only then triggering sleeper!Mellie was not the best of ideas. Speaking of the cooling system... security?

Mellie's death was expected. It was a simple game of spot-the-Whedon-hints. Happiness with Paul? Carrying a gun for safety? Uh-uh. Bye bye Mellie.

Perhaps my expectations were raised too high by the previous episodes. I hoped they had something more cerebral up their sleeves then just "evil corporation wants to take over the world and gets blown up". The final scene gives me some hope that the series still will take a turn for the better in its final episode. I just hope that it won't turn out to be everyone shooting their way out of the thoughtpocalypse.

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Wait a minute. Echo's spinal fluid, presumably reproduced in greater quantities, was going to be used to inoculate the world's population against remote wiping. Why is this a bad thing?
But it couldn't be reproduced. Wasn't that the whole idea of why they needed Echo? I think they were only planning to use it for the select few. Not that that makes any sense either. What kind of life can you have when only a handful of people are sane and the rest is fighting their way through a post-thoughtpocalyptic world? Why would that be something worth striving for?

Edit: O wait, they didn't want the world fighting, they wanted them as slaves, right? Okay, that makes a little sense then.
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