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Re: He's A Spider-Man!?

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I am not familiar with the comics, just tv and movies about Spider-Man...all have him as a teenager or slightly older...are there good stories to tell about Spider-Man at lets say...30ish??? We all know Superman is much older for the most part when he takes on his role as The Man Of there anything interesting for Spider-Man as a 30 something fully intune with his abilities???

Would love to hear some insight on this.

Thank you.

I don't know what age they gave him, but during JMS' run on the book he grew up a lot.

He got a proper job teaching science at his old school instead of living photo sale to photo sale. Aunt May found out about Spider-Man and they had a proper conversation about it (after which May showed her pride in a small way by writing to Jameson to tell him what she thought about the way he portrays Spidey in his newspaper).

He became a fully fledged Avenger too. Unfortunately, Brand New Day has reduced him to being a loser again.
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