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Re: Was Picard gay?

Kirk was gay. The women were beards for his feelings for Spock - and formerly McCoy...heh heh...Bones...heh heh.

In fact everyone on TOS bridge was gay except Sulu.

Sisko was gay. He used to "dip his bald head in oil and rub it all over [Quark's] body." The oil was in fact Odo - gay. Quark knew. It's the reason he was into it. The only way he could stick it to Odo for once. Everyone knew but Sisko. No one had the heart...

Janeway and Seven...were not gay. They were in fact very angry in bed with each other. The Borg Queen watched via Seven's implants. No, not those implants.

The historical records were altered concerning Trip's death alright. Archer, Trip, T' wasn't pretty.

Pike returned to Talos for the planet full of androgo-Talosians. Vina was easier to slip into the Enterprise's computer records than the events surrounding Trips death. The chair was to cover his massive erec...well you get the point. "Point" heh heh.

Captain Terrel was not gay, but Chekov pined for him from the moment he stepped aboard the Reliant. The shock of Terrel's death to Chekov's system was the reason the Ceti eel came out his ear just thereafter.

Captains Varley and Keel met Picard at a bathhouse. Though, he was only there after losing a bet. The bet? That he could find a single captain in all the multiverse that wasn't gay. Besides him that is.

Of course, once there, he did as the other bathers did, and the fabulous.
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