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Re: He's A Spider-Man!?

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Bats? No, he should be around thirty.
nah, 35. Peak of physical ability and fully formed. 30-year-olds aren't fully cooked yet.
Superman, of course, has been 29 for about 40 years (I think he was a little older before that).

As for Marvel, I still maintain that Reed and Ben served in WWII, and Iron Man was born in Viet Nam. But I'm ornery that way.
Speaking of which, though, as written in the 60s through the 80s, Reed and Ben certainly did serve in WWII, so that makes them 40ish right out of the gate.
I really don't mean to hijack the thread, but men hit their physical peak by age 25. With exercise and a healthy lifestyle, one can maintain that peak for 10 years... but if one is taking constant abuse, like say football players, professional wrestlers, or costumed heroes....the body would already have nagging injuries and noticeable decreases in performance by age 30.

Back on topic... I think of course there are goods stories to tell about a 30 year old Spider-Man. I just don't think there are as many interesting stories to tell. Spidey IS a teen aged superhero... that's his thing. If by age 30, Pete hasn't gotten his personal life in order it stops being compelling and becomes kind of sad.
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