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Re: January Challenge Entry: The Nature of the Beast

CaptainSarine wrote: View Post
Wow! This is an amazing story, Nerys, a fantastic glimpse into a chilling universe where being human no longer means what it once did. I think you perfectly captured the voice of your narrator, allowing him to slowly unveil the horrors that had been perpetrated by the Dominion and yet still providing hints as to the moral dilemma they now face. I also love the little nods to other things, most especially the little throw away paragraph about the Romulans and how the Dominion actually saved Romulus where the Federation failed.

A truly chilling, beautifull written story, that I'm proud to imagine was inspired even a little by my story last month (although I have having read it that this is all you, all the way)

Well done!
My response from Ad Astra:

When I saw the conflict playing out in the mind of your Vorta, Peekar, I imagined the same thing happening across the entire human species, and that's where the idea of the Graft came from. And then, when I realized how long it was likely to take to defeat the Dominion, I then wound up with that dilemma...because what do you tell all of the children born since then, or who were too young to really remember what it was like before the Graft? Even knowing the human race is altered--it seems like there's a very real question of whether it would be doing the same thing in reverse if the older generation decided they wanted to reverse the Graft but not all of the younger ones felt like they actually had anything wrong with them.

The Dominion saved Romulus...but I am not sure if any ROMULANS even lived there anymore. Considering that star was sitting on a subspace rift (in my fanon explanation of how one nova could threaten an entire GALAXY), I figured they'd have to do something about it no matter what.

Thank you very, very much again. Seriously, this story would not have ever been born without you!

Mistreaper wrote: View Post
This is one hell of a good story man, please do more soon.
Thank you so much!

I don't think I'll be doing more in this universe. However, I do have two more universes you can visit if you like, that are linked in my signature.
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