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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x12-Hollow Men Grading, Discussion, SPOILERS

Really liked it but found it less excellent than last week.
For most TV it's still excellent.
By Dollhouse standards I voted: ABOVE AVERAGE

Why? The death of Mellie was all but predictable. She wasn't happy with the knowledge of who and what she was/had been. Plus, Whedon never lets happiness stay. Topher lost Bennet and Ballard had to lose Mellie. Frankly I kept waiting for Sierrea to die in all honesty as well.

Boyd was still a bad guy just one with some inkling of goodness. Trying to harvest a cure or innoculation is good but it sure was gone about in a bad way. Once you understand how Clyde was involved you can empathize some but it its not totally redeeming and yet you still hated seeing Boyd in full on "jihad" mode.

Hoping to get my Dominic and Alpha fix in with Epitaph Two since they weren't here in Hollow Men. I'm wondering how flashback heavy the episode will be. How much time between 2010 & 2020 will we get. I know Whedon says he's wrapping it up and doesn't intend to pursue "Tales of the Dollhouse" in novels or comics but that 10yr span is a lot of stories to be told. If only.

Can't figure out why they said the finale in 2 weeks? Why the change I wonder? FOX is killing me, if they don't air this episode I'll be mad.
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