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Re: DOLLHOUSE 2x12-Hollow Men Grading, Discussion, SPOILERS

Another great episode in a series of great episodes this season.

I had a feeling Mellie was going to die. She just had that tragic look to me from the moment she was revealed to be an Active. Like that was the only ending she was headed towards.

I found Boyd's twisted motivations about bringing Echo and the others to the facility interesting and though he did turn out to be a bad guy, I can't help but recall all the father/daughter moments between him and Echo and feel sorry for him in the end when he was turned into an Active suicide bomber.

It makes sense for the Dollhouses to be taken over by a rival corporation if the show had continue into Season 3. Stepping into the vaccum left by Boyd and Clyde. Clyde will obviously fight for control of Rossum since there are more than one copy of his personality. The Dollhouse will probably side with the rival corporation aganist Clyde until they find out that the corporation is no better than Rossum and intends on pursuing the plans made by Boyd and Clyde. They'll probably have some of that revealed in flashbacks in next week's episode. I can't wait to see how it all ends.
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