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Spock, I tell you total hottness!
Yes but alas all 4 of the newTrek novels have been put on indefinite hold, (paraphrase) "to avoid clashes with the next movie".
Yeah, I already know about that. I'm very disapointed about the books not comming out, I was looking forward to all four of them. I hope its not on hold forever, I still like to get them. I do have one question though, if here on this site and another Trek site says those books are on hold, then why are those books still on site for pre-order? I was tempting to pre-order those books which you could pre-order before the release. And on that site on anything new comming out you can pre-order before it comes out. I should know I have bought stuff there on pre-order before and I got it when it came out. If these books are on hold or postpone for now, I would think they would take off those books for option to pre-order/buy and leave note that the books are not available to pre-order or buy. Can anybody answer that question for me?
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