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Saavik & David

I just finished watching TWOK (for the first time in years, I confess), and something I'd never noticed that before was, during the ensemble shot at the end, David and Saavik are standing together somewhat segregated from the rest of the group. Their arms are dangling together like those of teenagers who just got caught holding hands. So I was wondering if it was ever in the plans for the two of them to hook up.

It would have created an interesting scenario. I know Harvey kind of over ruled Nicky on all things concerning the whole katra bit and I wonder if this was just another wrench he threw in there for good measure.

Since Nimoy's future was still largely uncertain, and at the time, he seemed pretty sure he'd never come back, by pairing those particular two the resulting offspring would be, not only a Human/Vulcan hybrid, but a Kirk/Vulcan hybrid. And if you add the whole Katra business you'd have a kid that's essentially one part Kirk, one part Spock--an interesting new spin.

I then got to thinking that perhaps something like this was GR's idea--someone to base a new series around. You have to figure he was at least thinking about a new series at the time and I always though of John Lucky as a poor man's Kirk and Spock mismatch.

Just something to think about...
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