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Re: He's A Spider-Man!?

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^I guess I love Cass, Steph, and Jaime too much for that.

Most of the characters with long histories read much older to me than canon would have them. Babs, for instance, could easily be headed for thirty.

Trying to pin an age on superheroes requires advanced bistromatics though.
Depends on how they are written. Batman has has five Robins stuffed into his "lifetime" in the last twenty years. Three or four of which are now adults! Each Robin that hits 18 make poor Bats that much older. How long till Damian is voting in National elections?

Steph and Jaimie are okay. Jamie is only the third BB and doesnt fall into the same catagory as Tim, Cassie and Kon-el. Same for Steph. Both could easily be of the same generation as the original TT.
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