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Re: He's A Spider-Man!?

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I feel Spider-man works best as guy in his late teens and early twenties. If fact, I think most super-heroes should be under thirty.
Bats as an exception to that rule?

Actually, although the ages flail around wildly in DC, I like it when they're written with a (relatively) broad age range - so Bruce, Ollie , and Hal read as older men, people like Dick, Babs and Dinah feel like young professionals, then various younger turks from Jason, Mia, to Cass and Steph.

Wrt Spidey, I think at the moment Didio et al are sort of obsessed with returning him to his youth. I vaguely remember liking Straczynsk's run on Amazing Spiderman where I seem to recall Pete felt that bit older. Can anyone back me up on that, or am I talking rubbish?
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