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Re: The Problems of Remastering TNG, DS9 & VOY

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If TNG is in decent nick on film they did a TERRIBLE job of putting it on DVD, same for DS9.

I'm clearly not dissing film full stop but Trek does not look good on DVD, and was put together with a bit of care, so logically without a massive amount of work it would not look good on Blu Ray.
That's the point, TNG and DS9 (and Voyager) do not have film masters, they were edited on videotape. All the shows were shot on film but they weren't edited on film because videotape was faster and/or cheaper for that process, and what is on the DVDs is the transfer from videotape, which is why they look so crappy.

If any of the shows is to be released on blu-ray it would involve collecting all the film (which supposedly still exists) and editing it all together shot for shot so that it matches the original videotape master. It would be a long, expensive process, especially once the special effects are added into the mix, so it's not likely to ever happen.
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