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Re: eBook Formats and Readers ?'s

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As for this mythical tablet from Apple, if such a thing was to be made real, it would have anumber of downsides, the price, battery life, it's from Apple, it could be just a larger iPod Touch and that would mean a very closed system. All in all, it won't be a reasonable eBook reader if it was to someday be real.
I think we need to preserve this prediction. I predict the opposite. I predict it will change publishing. But it's going to be announced in about 3 weeks, so it's not a "myth".
To be honest, it's not going to change a thing should it be real. It'll just be over expensive and the first version will not be worth buying. It won't be a game changer. ePub already has the inroads with readers via ADE with many companies. The iPhone/iPod Touch have not changed anything. The Macbook air changed nothing. Apple products are nice to look at, but game changing? nope.
Well, that is a strong opinion. I don't agree at all, but this is not thread for it. I will only say that iTunes changed the music industry, the Mac UI changed the personal computer, and the iPhone is still the one thing the competition wants to take down. I expect the iTablet (or whatever it will be called) to do the same for the news media and eReaders. You don't. Since neither of us has a crystal ball, we are both guessing.

Do you work for MicroSoft? I'm not asking this sarcastically. You just sound like someone with a vested interest. I don't work for Apple, but I have been an Apple user consistently for 26 years. I have also used PCs for even longer, as my job requires that I use the same platform as my customer, and that can change on a daily basis. I say this soley to give full disclosure. You?
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