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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Very nice. I really like the uneasy, apprehensive, even slightly panicky, response from Spirodopoulos as he realizes his carefully-defined worldview and its structire has crumbled. It really works due to the irony inherent in coming to a more complex and multi-faceted view of Cardassians by virtue of almost seeing the Cardassian in himself, and so the Human in the Cardassians, by means of a collapse of ordered structures; an incredibly un-Cardassian state. By finding himself in a state that is anathema to Cardassians, he finds the Cardassian in himself; that's greatly perverse yet also reflective of how complex humans, Cardassians - and the entire situation he's in- are. The whole scene with the mirror is uneasy, even slightly disturbing, and yet not, because we can see that disturbance is a good thing, even if Cardassian instinct disagrees. I think this scene does a very good job of demonstrating both how alike Cardassians and Humans are, yet also how Spirodopoulos, as a Human, is different from a Cardassian. This is a scene about unspoken assumptions about identity- me, them, us, society, personality, animal instinct, confusion, clarity- and it is really interesting.
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