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Re: eBook Formats and Readers ?'s

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Thanks for the info. Yesterday, I went to a B&N with an expert on the Nook. I learned that B&N DRM book files are epub format. So I can read them on any device which will read ePub format. Fortunately, they are back ordered until 2/12. So I have plenty of time to research. Good thing to, cause I'm torn between this and upgrading my 6yo laptop.

As for the iSlate, I got the impression it is a tablet PC. The prices are rumored to be $700 and up. If it is a eReader, I hope they'll support ePubs to.

I'm not an author, but I've thought about taking a crack at writing a short story. With this new technology, is it becoming new authors to get published?
B&N's ePub has a different DRM that most readers do not yet support. Also, the nook's software is a bit buggy. It seems it was rushed to release.

As for this mythical tablet from Apple, if such a thing was to be made real, it would have anumber of downsides, the price, battery life, it's from Apple, it could be just a larger iPod Touch and that would mean a very closed system. All in all, it won't be a reasonable eBook reader if it was to someday be real.
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