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Re: Dune newbie questions

Not a huge loss in that case as the casting of Thufir was totally forgettable. The movie Thufir on the other hand was right out of the book. Same goes for the guy who played Duncan in the first mini, I recall he was killed off rather quickly and unremarkably. A bit of a pain since in the book, I rather though his death was a pivotal I REALLY wanted to see that lasgun/shield explosion he caused and the artillery strikes on the sheild wall. None of the adaptions to date have really gotten that part of the book quite right. The scene immediately before Thufir's capture for example says volumes about what the Fremen were about and exactly how much they pissed off the Sardaukar. Plus of course there was supposed to have been a planetwide pogrom in full swing by the time they met up with Duncan.
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