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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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I saw the image for this cover over on and knew I had to share it with you ladies:

Okay, so it's kind of less than impressive for a book cover, but I think this is just a preliminary bookseller promotion kind of thing. But, eeeee, Spock and Uhura together on the cover! My inner fangirl is flailing with joy!

I will definitely be reading this book. Here's the link to the article that provides a summary for it and the three other nuTrek books coming out in the summer:
I have seen the other two covers but not this one. Wow I love that pic of Spock on that cover! I will defentally be getting that!
who wrote that book?

oh, just checked the link, thank you. the Greg Cox one looks mighty interesting.
Did you see the cover of the book that has both Kirk & Spock, I tell you total hottness!
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