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Re: Dune newbie questions

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I just picked Dune a couple days ago, and I have a couple questions before I read it.
1) Which adaptation is better? I'm talking both general quality, and closeness to the book. A few years ago I tried to watch both of them, and I really liked the miniseries, but I didn't make it very far in the movie. I don't think they'd even gotten to Arrakis yet before I turned off the movie.
2) If I decide to continue the series what is the best order to read the sequels/prequels/interquels, midquels or whatever you want to call the new series?
1. I prefer the movie because it has style. Can't stand the first miniseries, but the second one is much better.

2. Don't read the prequels or all that other garbage. Please.
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