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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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If the Nazi killing was more frequent then the scenes of Nazi killing wouldn't pack as much punch as they do. And Tarantino is one of the most gifted directors around in terms of mise en scène. His visuals are impeccable. And when you add his flair for dialogue into the mix it's a potent combination.
Indeed. There doesn't feel like there is a single wasted moment in the film.

We don't need to dwell on the Basterds any more than the film does, and the scenes we do get are plenty amusing. The film isn't just about Nazi killing and the Basterds, they're merely one part of a rather elaborately woven plot.

I do think the advertising for the movie was a little deceptive in that regard. I went in expecting a kind of Seven Jewish American Samurai slay Nazis sort of movie; but I did love what I got.
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