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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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[Sure, but the film does little to give any depth to any of the Basterds. They are caricatures, driven only by their pure and unadulterated hatred for Nazi's and Germans alike. Which is why they are no better than the Nazi's. They gleefully exterminate the Nazi's with as much relish as the Nazi's would exterminate a Jew. So how does that make them better? Yes, the film sparingly humanizes some individual Nazi soldiers, but it gives barely any character development or humanization to any of the Basterds themselves, making them hollow and vapid.

Furthermore, it would have been nice if perhaps one of the characters eventually had some type of emotional epiphany for senselessly killing so many people without a single thought or hesitation. It would have added depth and humanized some of the Basterds a bit, but no, there is no second's thought or any sign of remorse or hesitancy. They are stock standard, one-dimensional characters and they are boring and listless because of it.
But the film's not really about the Basterds; for most of the movie, in fact, they're not in it.
Yes, another point which I touch upon. For a movie about Nazi killing there's sparsely any Nazi killing. So even on that level it fails.
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